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Bella handkerchiefs No. 1

Paper handkerchiefs, as a means of personal hygiene, are made of high quality, soft, anti-allergenic material. Convenient and compact packaging of handkerchiefs will not take up much space in your bag or pocket, and at the same time it can be useful at any time. Handkerchiefs are used not only for their intended purpose – in case of a runny nose, they also wipe their hands, wipe dirty parts of clothing, shift not too clean items or, on the contrary, keep what should remain sterile. Of course, this hygiene product is a must-have with you whenever you leave home.

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Exhaust handkerchiefs Bella No. 1

  • very soft and delicate paper (2-ply)
  • film packaging
  • colorful, attractive packaging graphics
  • perforation through the center of the package – makes it easy to get one napkin
  • packaging can be used as a dressing for a container for decoration
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Bella Baby Happy Paper Napkins

Bella Baby Happy is a wide range of delicate and durable napkins designed especially for children. Double-layer napkins are made of very soft and pleasant to the touch paper, which does not irritate children’s noses. Convenient packaging facilitates the use of napkins, and colorful images of animals attract attention and delight the baby.

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