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The universal series of products for the care of all types of skin and hair EVA Simply

The series consists of the following product categories:

  • Delicate products for makeup remover;
  • Preparations for the care of the face, skin around the eyes and body;
  • Hair shampoos and conditioners

The series includes 14 products:

  • Micellar liquid for face and eye make-up remover 200ml
  • Face wash gel with green tea 150ml
  • Moisturizing cream with Jericho rose 50ml
  • Anti-wrinkle cream with goya berries 50ml
  • Nourishing semi-fat cream with oats 50ml
  • Eye contour and eyelid cream 15ml
  • Shampoo for normal hair with oats 500ml
  • Shampoo for oily hair with lemon 500ml
  • Dandruff hair shampoo with mistletoe 500ml
  • Shampoo for dry and damaged hair with silk 500ml
  • Strengthening conditioner for all hair types with keratin 200ml
  • Creamy gel for body wash with honey and oats 50ml
  • Creamy gel for body washing with silk and cotton 500ml
  • Body wash gel with blackberry 500ml
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Eva Derma cosmetics for dry and sensitive skin

The Eva Derma series is the answer to the needs of clients who are faced with the problem of dry and sensitive skin, as well as looking for products to moisturize, tighten and soothe the skin.

Cosmetics of this line are designed to intensively moisturize the skin and to protect it from the harmful effects of external factors. Their additional advantage is a noticeable reduction in wrinkles.

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Eva DERMA RED OFF cosmetics for couperose, reddened and rosacea-prone skin

Symptoms of rosacea are erythema and red spider veins on the cheeks. Vessels narrow and widen, which leads to thickening of their walls. The permeability of the capillaries increases, which causes inflammation, and as a result, persistent erythema on the face. These processes can lead to rosacea.

Eva DERMA RED OFF is the ideal offer for women looking for effective products to combat the imperfections of couperose skin and need deep hydration and anti-wrinkle action.

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Eva DERMA SEB OFF cosmetics for oily, combination and problem skin


  • deep skin hydration
  • soothing the skin
  • removal of excess sebum
  • narrowing of pores
  • matting effect
  • additional anti-wrinkle action
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