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Cotton buds Bella Baby Happy

Made from 100% cotton. Perfect for local skin cleansing, application of medicinal products. The restrained shape ensures safe handling, especially on sensitive areas such as the auricle or baby’s navel.

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Bella Cotton cosmetic pads

Cosmetic pads made from 100% cotton are specially designed for the most demanding women. Thanks to the “welded” edge, the pads do not delaminate or leave fibers on the face, providing exceptional comfort in use. Thick, but at the same time very delicate pads have proven to be excellent when removing makeup, perfectly cleanse the skin.

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Cotton buds Bella Cotton

Cotton buds made of natural cotton. Presented in convenient, bright and colorful packaging. Everyone will find for himself what he and his family need.

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Evita cosmetic pads

Evita products incorporate the optimal amount of cleanser to help cleanse the skin without discomfort. Convenient packaging will help you conveniently remove the cotton pads, allowing you to get the right number of cotton pads for your convenience and comfort! Features of cotton wool pads from the Evita brand:

  • made of thoroughly refined and well-processed cotton;
  • do not damage the skin, providing gentle cleansing;
  • can be used to care for a child;
  • suitable for all skin types, including sensitive;
  • are particularly soft;
  • do not delaminate;
  • have optimal density.
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Bella Cotton Care

Bella Cotton Care with aloe and orange blossom extract. Soft, delicate 100% cotton pads, very absorbent.

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