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Sponges Vileda

Cleaning with no scratches

The abrasive layer of the sponge is developed using innovative technology. It lifts up dirt and removes it from all kinds of delicate surfaces, ensuring perfect cleanliness. This does not leave any damage or scratches. However, always test the sponge on an inconspicuous area first.

Removes stubborn dirt and stains 

The sponge easily removes even the most stubborn dirt due to the innovative structure of the abrasive layer.

Versatile in usage 

The sponge can be used not only for washing dishes, but also for removing dirt from any surfaces (work surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, floor coverings, etc.). Before removing dirt from a delicate surface, it is recommended to test the action of the sponge on an inconspicuous area.

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Wipes Vileda

Perfectly absorb

The wipes absorb and retain liquid well. Ideal for daily cleaning of the kitchen, bathroom, and polishing glass and other shiny surfaces.

Great result!

The wipes are made from quality materials. Remove any, even greasy stains, without the use of chemicals. PVA provides super absorbency (cars are dried in car washes with polyvinyl acetate wipes).


The wipes are made using a unique technology with the use of a special impregnation of the material and compares favorably with competing counterparts imitating it in their high cleaning efficiency. It is recommended to rinse the wipe before the first use.

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Gloves Vileda

Quality latex

Gloves are elastic but do not tear

Hands do not sweat

The microspores of the Comfort Plus layer absorb moisture, leaving your hands dry while working.

Comfortable work

The Comfort Plus layer protects your hands from temperature extremes, which allows you to work comfortably in hot and cold water.

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Buckets Vileda

Main characteristics:

For any band mops

The bucket is suitable for wringing out any band mops (not just the Vileda brand). The wringing is made according to the unique patented Bionic technology – it provides the most optimal wringing quality to the desired moisture content. The wring funnel is one of the widest, which makes it easy to get into it.

Quality and duration

The bucket is made of durable plastic and is resistant to wear and tear. The quality and reliability of the wring cycle have been tested by Freudenberg testing laboratories.

Ведро изготовлено из прочного пластика и устойчиво к износу. Качество и надежность отжима протестированы испытательными лабораториями компании Фройденберг.

Removable wring

The wring is removable and allows you to use the bucket for various household needs.

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Brushes Vileda

Main characteristics:

Thick silky pile

Effective garbage collection

Ergonomic size

Minimizes back strain.

Folding scoop

Easy to store in tight spaces.

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Wipers Vileda

Main characteristics:

Combined extension

White fluffy microfiber main body moisturizes the surface and removes the main dirt; the red stripe thoroughly cleans; blue abrasive edge removes stubborn dirt. The extension is durable to use.

Rubber squeegee

Easily and effectively removes excess moisture without leaving streaks.

Telescopic handle

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Window Washer Хозяюшка Мила

The window washers are equipped with a scraper made of high-quality rubber that does not harden at low temperatures and a sponge made of dense foam rubber covered with a synthetic mesh that is resistant to abrasion. They have a telescopic handle for hard-to-reach places. The telescopic handle allows you to change the length of the washer from 71 to 120 cm.


  • scraper made of high quality rubber
  • sponge made of dense foam covered with a synthetic mesh
  • telescopic handle
  • shortens the cleaning time
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Household sponges and washcloths Хозяюшка Мила

Classic sponges for dishes of bright colors, among which you can choose convenient in size and quantity. The sponges are made of polyurethane foam and abrasive fiber to remove stubborn dirt from any surface. Available in options: maxi, midi, comfort. Number of sponges in the package: 5 pcs. / 10 pcs.


  • no surface scratches
  • creates abundant foam due to its porous structure
  • affordable price
  • available in: maxi, midi, comfort.

Household sponges made of steel effectively remove stubborn dirt. They have a long service life. Great for cleaning grills, barbecues, grates and other roasting items. Do not use for cleaning non-stick surfaces, plastic or enamelled objects and other delicate surfaces. Package quantity: 1pc / 2pc


  • the sponge is made of stainless steel, therefore it is resistant to corrosion
  • low price
  • durability
  • effectiveness
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Gloves Хозяюшка Мила

Household gloves protect hands from harmful influences during any work in the house, in the garden, during repair work. Cotton spraying provides comfort and additional comfort for hands, prevents the greenhouse effect. The corrugated surface allows you to hold delicate and fragile objects, even when using detergent.

Sizes M, L


  • protect hands from harmful influences
  • cotton spraying provides comfort and additional comfort for hands
  • corrugated surface allows you to hold thin and fragile objects
  • affordable price
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Garbage bags Хозяюшка Мила

Garbage bags ensure cleanliness and hygiene in the apartment and are convenient for collecting and removing garbage, take up little space, and are practical to use. They are widely used in everyday life and at work. Special perforation makes it easy to separate the bag from the roll. The assortment includes bags with ties.

Volume: 20L/30L/35L.

Quantity: 20 pcs/30 pcs


  • ensure cleanliness and hygiene in the apartment
  • take up little space
  • special perforation makes it easy to separate the bag from the roll
  • the assortment includes bags with ties
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