Luksja liquid soap

Luksja Liquid Cream Soap is a delicate hygiene product that gently removes impurities from the skin surface. Thanks to an innovative detergent formula, it does not disturb the natural balance of the epidermis, does not leave an unpleasant feeling of dryness and flaking after use. The product has excellent emollient, good firming and excellent refreshing properties. The Luksja Creamy line of liquid soaps is available in four fragrance versions.

Volume: 500 ml / 400 ml / 900 ml.

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Solid soap Luksja

Specially selected additional ingredients and a delicate aroma are a great offer for all those who are looking for softness and tenderness in a toilet soap. The creamy foam perfectly cleanses the skin of the hands, making it pleasant to the touch. Currently, Luksja Creamy is available in four varieties with different scent: Cotton & Provitamin B5, Linen & Rice milk, Rose & Milk proteins, Camomile & Glycerin.

Weight: 90 grams.

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