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Women’s shaving systems by Intuition Sensitive Care Wilkinson

(Intuition Sensitive Care razor + 3 replacement cartridges, Intuition Sensitive Care razor + 1 cartridge, Intuition Sensitive Care replacement cartridges, 3 pcs)

  • Lathers and shaves simultaneously, eliminating the need for shaving foam
  • 4 blades and a tensioning strip provide a perfectly smooth shave
  • Moisturizing strip
  • Protective grid on the blades prevents cuts
  • Comfortable, rubberized handle ensures precise movements
  • Dermatologically tested
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3-blade disposable razors for men and women by Wilkinson

(Extra3 Essentials pack of 3, Extra3 Beauty Essentials myIntuition pack of 3)

  • 3 blades provide ultra-clean shaving
  • Pivoting head for comfortable shaving
  • Lubricating strip with aloe and vitamin E for better skin glide
  • Rubber handle ensures better control when wet.
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Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Men’s Shaving Systems

Hydro 5 razor + 1 replacement cartridge, Hydro 5 replacement cartridges (pack of 4), Hydro 5 Skin Protection Clampack (4 blades + handle)

  • 5 ultra-glide blades with special coatings smooth the skin and prevent it from getting pinched between the blades.
  • Innovative reservoir with a moisturizing gel enriched with provitamin B5 that is activated by water and is 40% more efficient than lubrication strips.
  • The gel creates a protective film on the skin and, in addition to moisturizing, ensures easy gliding even with repeated blade movement.
  • An innovative combination of longitudinal and transverse micro-ridges creates skin tension and ensures thorough and clean shaving.
  • Packaging is made from more than 90% recycled paper.
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Hybrid Shaving Systems with Flexible Blades by Wilkinson

Xtreme3 Blades 5’s + Handle

Flexible blades optimize skin contact and adapt to the contours of your face. Easy Rinse design prevents blade clogging. Aloe Vera Lubricant Strip helps protect skin from irritation and is ideal for sensitive skin.

  • High quality shaving razors from a popular German manufacturer.
  • A quality and practical accessory for a close and light shave.
  • Three flexible, ultra-thin, sharpened blades cut the bristles at the base for perfect results.
  • The rotating head follows the curves of the chin precisely, allowing you to reach the most difficult-to-reach areas.
  • The machine is equipped with a lubricating strip impregnated with aloe vera and jojoba extracts, which soothes the skin, prevents possible irritation, provides a feeling of comfort and hydration.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic, rubberized handle fits comfortably in your hand, allowing you to control every movement and pressure.
  • The tension strip located under the blades smoothes the skin, so that the machine is in close contact with the cover and provides a smoother shave
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2-blade disposable razors for men and women Wilkinson

(Extra2 Beauty 5’s, Extra2 Activ 5’s, Extra2 Sensitive 24’s Tear Strip, Extra2 Sensitive 12’s Tear Strip)

  • Practical shaving accessories for men and women of excellent quality European design.
  • Two sharp blades shave off hairs at the base for perfectly smooth skin.
  • A special cleaning mechanism quickly removes hairs between the blades.
  • Moisturizing strip, impregnated with lotion based on vitamin E, softens the skin, prevents irritation and stimulates the regeneration of the epidermis.
  • The machine is suitable for people with sensitive skin prone to irritation.
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Disposable razors for men Personna

Multi-blade razors, extra lube strips – there are so many ways to make your shave incredibly smooth!

2-blade razors (pack of 5)

Disposable razors are designed for a clean, comfortable shave and great control.

  • Double blades for a close shave
  • The Vitamin E Lubricating Strip helps the shaver glide over the skin.
  • Excellent quality at a great price

3-blade extra comfort razors (4 pcs per pack)

Disposable razors with rubber grips for a close, comfortable shave and superior control.

  • Extended handle length provides even more control
  • Dual blades and lubricating strip for a close, comfortable shave
  • The flow-through design keeps the blades clean for a smoother shave
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Disposable razors for women Personna

A wide range of ladies’ razors that offer sensationally smooth ways to shave smoothly and comfortably every time!

– 2-blade razors (5 pcs per pack)

A disposable razor with two blades and a rubber handle for a close shave with superior control. The flow-through design keeps the blades clean for a smoother shave.

– 3-blade superior razors (4 pcs per pack)

The disposable razor is a premium razor with 3 blades and double coated blades for a close shave. Ergonomic rubber grip for better grip and less sliding. Ideal for sensitive skin!

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Wilkinson Hybrid Disposable Flexible Blade Machines

Xtreme3 Sensitive 3+1’s, Xtreme3 Sensitive 12’s Tear Strip

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