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Freezing containers Хозяюшка Мила

An economical option for home made food storage

Stackable and saves freezer space

Made of food grade propylene


  • Convenient to store various products.
  • The containers are suitable for harvesting vegetables, greens, mushrooms and berries for the winter.
  • Cover tightly adjacent to the container, excluding penetration of foreign odors.
  • Material: polypropylene (PP).

Volume: 1 liter, 1.5 liters and 0.75 liters.

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Cling film Хозяюшка Мила

The cling film allows to increase the shelf life of food, prevents mixing of odors in the refrigerator, drying out of food, provides an aesthetic appearance of food, suitable for wrapping school lunches, sandwiches. The assortment of the film is presented in the winding of 20 meters and 30 meters.


  • ideal for food packaging
  • allow to increase the shelf life of products
  • prevent mixing of odors in the refrigerator, drying out of food
  • retain the beneficial properties of products
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Food packaging for baking Хозяюшка Мила

Paper and parchment are indispensable for baking cakes, pies, muffins and other pastries. Ideal for food packaging: butter, cottage cheese, cheese, etc. The assortment of paper and parchment is presented in a winding of 5 meters.

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Food foil Хозяюшка Мила

Aluminum foil is used for storing and baking food. Perfectly preserves the useful properties of products, allows you to store food for a long time. When baked, it prevents splashing of juice and fat, makes dishes juicy, appetizing and healthy. The assortment includes foil with a width of 30 cm, as well as in a winding of 5 and 10 meters.

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